• HotBabe-HotSauce comes of age
    The growth of HotBabe-HotSauce has been followed by Thurston Talk since 2014.  Check out Mary Ellen Psaltis’ latest article which highlights its transition to HOTSAUCEfresh Ltd under the ownership of Sandra Bocas and Fiona Douglas-Hamilton producing not only the original HotBabe-HotSauce and SweetBabe Quince, but new artisan and limited edition fiery and delicious hot sauces (Trini Hot and Winter Solace). […]
  • HotBabe in Artisanal Grocery Store in Olympia
    Check out this interview Sandra Bocas by The Olympian on the opening of 222 Market St, a new vibrant gathering place for the artisan food crowd in Olympia, WA. […]
  • Sandra Bocas: The Woman Behind ‘Hot Babe Hot Sauce’ 
    Art, food, love and color all explored in this article by ThurstonTalk on Sandra Bocas, the creator behind the Hot Babe-Hot Sauce.  Check out the full article here ThurstonTalk […]
  • Yelm gets spicey!
    Hot Babe Hot Sauce catches the attention of SE Thurston residents with a feature article by the Nisqually Valley News.  Check out the full story  Hot Babe Hot Sauce Steaming Up Yelm Creating art and hot sauce are the two mediums through which Sandra Bocas best expresses… […]
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