Caribbean Hot Sauces

If you have never travelled to the Caribbean, and are curious to try new flavors, or if you have and are looking to find hot sauces that remind you of that great Caribbean vacation or where you lived, we think we have a hot sauce for you. Trini Hot is a classic Trinidadian pepper sauce and offers you the true flavors of Trinidadian cuisine; scotch bonnet peppers are iconic to the Islands – our Scotch Bonnet Mustard is packed with garlic, buttery mustard spice notes and our Chillin’ n Grillin’ evokes flavors of Cuban BBQ with Jamaican jerk, pineapple and lots of heat and earned 1st Place in the 2022 Scovie Awards, Grilling Meats. The combination of our locally grown Caribbean hot peppers with fresh ingredients and spices from the Caribbean will give you an authentic experience. Warning: the small batch experience means that sometimes our sauces are hotter than listed.

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