Working with local farmers

Meet Judy Schelble.  Judy runs a successful plant growing business in Yelm, WA and she loves peppers.  Judy was privately pondering if she could grow  peppers and we really wanted to work with a local grower so we could control the varietals, the quality and get the quantity of peppers we needed.  A few meetings and a couple of months later in early 2016 Judy calls and says “hey, would love for you to come to the greenhouse and let me know how many of these pepper starts you want”. 

We took them all and since then under Judy’s expert, organic care and love we have had abundant harvests of Caribbean peppers including many of Trinidad’s native and very very hot peppers and, of course, the iconic Caribbean hot pepper, the Scotch Bonnet.  Check out the slideshow below of some of our favorite growing and harvest photos.  And the peppers….well, let’s just say we continue to be ecstatic at their freshness and their flavor!

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