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Trini Hot Pepper Sauce 5 fl oz (148 ml) $10 and 8 fl oz $15
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Inspiration: Street food, particularly the doubles carts, around the Savannah, Port of Spain

Peppers Used: Moruga Reds, Caribbean Scorpions, Trinidad Scorpions, Chocolate Habaneros and Chocolate Scotch Bonnets.

Trini Hot is our take on the flavors of the Caribbean. A medley of authentic Trinidadian hot peppers blended with carrot juice, carrots, our proprietary blend of vinegars and Trinidad’s iconic herb chadon beni. This is a perfectly balanced hot sauce at this heat level, with earthy carrot sweet, aromatic and smoky undertones. It is fast becoming the favorite of our customers who are looking for a true taste of the Caribbean and more than just HEAT.  Our ingredients are organic where possible, definitely non-gmo and we do not use gums. SUGAR FREE.

Uses/Pairs well with: Use as a Jerk Sauce for chicken/pork; Add to curries; Brighten white fish; Excellent with oysters; Splash on avocado toast; Add whenever you are looking for that authentic taste of the Caribbean.

Heat Level: V. Hot


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5 oz, 8 oz

2 reviews for Trini Hot

  1. 5 out of 5

    Kimberly V.

    This sauce is amazing. Lots of flavor!

  2. 4 out of 5

    Grant S.

    This sauce is thinner than the others, and has a flavor that is SUPER YUMMY, but I dont know how to use as well. The hotness is sneaky and comes on way later than you’d expect, which I like. I think this would best be used as marinade, but I could be wrong.. I think this recipe might be better used for experienced chefs… or maybe in a salad dressing…. I should try that tomorrow…

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